How It All Began

Lewis Falley Allen was born in Massachusetts in 1800, and arrived in Buffalo in 1827, during an industrial boom unprecedented in other cities in the country. He came to Buffalo to work as a secretary and financial manager of the Western Ensurance Company. It was here that Allen accumulated enough money to buy 29 acres of land near current day Main Street.

While Grover Cleveland, Allen's favored nephew, lived with Allen he convinced Cleveland, on his way to Ohio, to remain in Buffalo. Cleveland listened to his uncle and pursued a legal career which led to politics, eventually becoming both the 22nd and 24th President of United States.

As the population continued to blossom Allen began selling off parcels of his valuable land. As he did this he began driving his shorthorn cattle west to a large pasture with ample space for his herd's grazing needs. The well-trod path was officially named Allen Street in 1888.

Aside from breeding shorthorn cattle, Allen was pursued horticultural interests as well. This led to the planting of many shade and ornamental trees in Buffalo. He promoted the planting of elm trees which still line the city today.


Allen defined the Allentown neighborhood. It's where we get our namesake from. Our logo represents the shorthorn cattle he bred which defined Allen Street. Our rustic industrial space pays tribute to Buffalo's heyday. And our contemporary American cuisine represents Buffalo's rebirth.